About Us

Welcome to Lab Coat Nerds, where science meets style in the world of
laboratory apparel! We specialize in crafting unique lab coats that transcend
the ordinary, turning the standard white coat into a canvas for scientific

Two scientists in Sydney, Australia looked around at the sea of white lab
coats and wanted more...... more style, more variety and more self-expression.
Not content with looking like another stale and sterile drone, they began
designing the Lab Coat Nerds collection. A collection of vibrant, science
focussed lab coats themed for chemistry, biology and physics.

Whether you are a student, teacher, lab scientist, medical professional or veterinarian,
Lab Coat Nerds will make sure that you are the diamond in the rough.

Our lab coats are crafted with precision and care, using top-notch materials to
ensure both durability and comfort. We believe that a well-designed lab coat
not only enhances your appearance but also boosts your confidence in the
laboratory. The unique prints serve as conversation starters, allowing students, teachers
and professionals to share their passion for science and showcase their

We believe that science should not only be about equations and experiments but
also about embracing the beauty and wonder of the natural world. Our lab coats
are a symbol of your dedication to the scientific pursuit and a testament to
your unique journey.

Elevate your lab experience with Lab Coat Nerds. Explore our collection and
discover a new way to express your love for science while making a lasting
impression in the laboratory.